About Us

In our 15 passionate years as leaders in the CO2 laser industry (South Africa) we have always been devoted to our customers. Spending countless hours with designs, tips and tricks to help their product ranges reach their full potential. We apply our expertise to create a market driven solution for a source of LASER READY TEMPLATES.

It is still early days for us, but we can already proudly say that we are thankful for the 100’s of positive emails and 1000’s of templates that have sold.

We strive to be an inspiration to all things laser. While you focus on getting your products or service out there, we are creating new and exciting templates on a daily basis that could be the next “big idea”. So be sure to stay in touch with us, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list.

Our templates are available in Vector format including DXF, EPS, SVG, AI, PDF, CDR x4. With this wide selection of options you can be sure it will be compatible with any laser out there. Just open or import in your favorite editing software, add or remove any part of it and laser it.

If you can not find what you are looking for, you are welcome to drop us a mail at hello@laser-templates.com to request what you need and we will try our best to create it.